About Us

Founded more than 100 years ago, Charles B. Chrystal Co., Inc has sold Talc to industrial buyers throughout the world.

After divesting our other minerals businesses at the end of 2017, Chrystal Co. is now concentrating on the sale of Talc from stocks warehoused in the metropolitan New York area, as full truck load sales in the US or overseas, and as direct international sales sourced in the USA or sourced abroad. Our Talc is supplied from three world class mining companies in Brazil, the USA, and Europe. Chrystal Co. offers Talc in a variety of packaging forms, including bulk, super sacks, and paper bags.

About Talc

Talc is mined on every continent. The best quality Talcs enjoy worldwide markets. These are the only Talcs that Chrystal Co. sells. Different grades and qualities provide a variety of properties that are of use by many industries.

Useful Properties or Application
Adhesives Anti-tack
Agriculture Inert carrier, Flow control
Ceramics Body strength, Adjust firing properties
Cosmetics Pressed powders, Loose powders
Extender/Filler Reduce cost, Control viscosity
Food Anti-tack, Flow control, GRAS
Paint Gloss, Viscosity
Paper Whiteness, Pitch control
Plastic Surface finish, Functional filler
Rubber Functional Filler

Other Characteristics and Properties of Talc include:

Talc is soft. With a Moh's hardness of 1, there is no softer mineral
Variable and controllable particle size
Color depends on mine location and processing
Dry lubrication