AGSC TALCThis is a white talc imported from China meeting CTFA standards. for use where good slip and whiteness of 90-94 is needed. It offers excellent fragrance retention and is a superior ingredient in body powders, face powders, eye shadows and as a substrate for surfac treatments.
SUGARLOAF TALC USPA high slip, finest quality talc, truly one of the finest talcs in the  world. Good color and USP purity mean this talc can be used in the most demanding applications. Offers excellent transparency -- for use in dusting powders, compounds, lipsticks, etc.
00 TALCA very fine, high quality French Talc carefully produced from hand selected ore sourced from the ancient, world famous Pyrenees mine. For use in applications that require high slip and rich, velvety feel.
0X0 TALCA very fine, high quality French Talc. Although not quite as white as 00 Talc it is also carefully produced in the same method. For use in cosmetic and perfume applications.
EXTRA 5/0 DEC TALCA high quality Italian Talc produced from the famous Val Chisone  mine. Very pure and unblended meeting all cosmetic specifications. With excellent transparency, quite suitable for color cosmetics, lipsticks and fragrance applications.
PHARMA TALCTalc produced from Italian deposits. This talc is bacterial TALC controlled and most importantly meets the U.S., European and Japanese Pharmacopoeia specifications. An excipient, it is ideal as a glidant, lubricant and diluent in cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.
PYRENEAN SILK HT MM TALCA bacteria controlled talc which complies with CTPA and CTFA  specifications. This talc is recommended for use in cosmetics due TALC to its smooth, silky feel and its excellent scent or perfume retention.
NOTE: Samples, technical information and price quotations are available upon request. All products are lot numbered. Certificates of Analysis are available.